Top Things to Consider When Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Are you ready to invest in hardwood flooring? Belmont Flooring Center is happy to help, but before you jump in, make sure you have done your due diligence to find the right flooring type for your home or business. Here are some considerations you should make when choosing your hardwood floors.

1. Solid Versus Engineered
First, before investing in hardwoods, decide if solid hardwoods or engineered hardwoods are right for your needs. Solid hardwoods are made from solid wood logs cut to the desired length and fitted together with tongue-and-groove fittings. Engineered hardwoods are made from layers of plywood and composite topped with a solid hardwood layer. Both are beautiful, but solid hardwoods should not be installed in areas where moisture is a problem, like the bathroom or basement, because they can warp.

2. Wood Species
The wood species you choose will give the wood floor its look. It can also determine how durable the floor is. Some woods, like hickory and maple, are quite durable because they are hard, while others, like walnut, are fairly soft. If durability is important to you, consider hard woods, like hickory, maple, Brazilian cherry, cumaru or Brazilian koa.

3. Finishing
Hardwood floors can be finished at the factory (prefinished) or finished on the site. Prefinished floors give you the benefit of knowing what the color will be exactly before you start installing. Site-finishing allows for more customization and a smoother final product.

When considering the finishing, don’t forget to consider the type of finish placed on the wood. Penetrating oils or polyurethane are the two most common. Oil gives the floor a natural, soft look, but is not quite as durable as polyurethane. Polyurethane provides the wood with a hard topcoat that doesn’t look as natural, but is quite a bit more durable.

4. Grain Pattern
The grain pattern comes form the way in which the log was sawn. Take a look at different grain patterns to see what you like. In this particular category, the choice will really depend on what your tastes and decorating style demands

Do you have further questions about making the right decisions for your hardwood flooring project? The team at Belmont Flooring Center is here to help. Give us a call today to discuss your goals.