Why Fall Is The Perfect Time To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

When it comes to home improvement projects, floors may be one of the last things on the list since you’ll likely need to stay off of them until the project is completely finished. Refinishing your hardwood floors can give your home a brand new look and help preserve the life of your floors. Refinishing your floors can be done at any time but here’s why fall is the perfect time to refinish your hardwood floors.


The weather affects everything, from people to the quality of certain projects. Refinished floors need time to set properly and certain temperatures can make it difficult for that to happen. If you refinish your floors in the winter, you may not be able to get the proper aeration in your home since it’s cold and opening windows will raise your energy costs. While refinishing your hardwood floors in summer doesn’t come with the aeration problem, the hot, humid weather may interfere with the drying process, making the project take longer than it should have.

Prepare for Holidays

With fall comes approaching holidays. If you’re expecting visitors, you may want to refinish your hardwood floors in fall so your floors look as good as new when company arrives. With company comes heavy foot traffic. Having your floors refinished will repair damages and leave your floors with a new protective layer, so your hardwood floors are ready for even the largest family gathering.

Back to School

Another reason why fall is the perfect time to refinish your hardwood floors is the kids are back in school. If you have school aged children, you know it can be difficult to find time to get things done, especially a big project like refinishing a hardwood floor. During their hours in school, you can get to work without distractions. This is also a good time to refinish your floors since the drying process takes time. No people or furniture can be on the floor during the drying process without ruining the project. Since kids are in school for several hours a day, the drying process can start while they’re gone so you don’t have to worry about them walking on the floor.


Since pests tend to disappear when the summer months roll by, fall is a great time to refinish your hardwood floors. If your floor has any damage from pests that hang out in the warmer months, fall is the perfect time to get the floor refinished and prepared for the upcoming warmer seasons. By refinishing your hardwood floors in the fall, you can help protect them from insects and other pests that may present themselves in the spring and summer.

Refinishing your floors is beneficial for many reasons. You can repair damage and help protect your floor with new sealants, increasing the life span of your floors. There are many reasons why fall is the perfect time to refinish your hardwood floors. The weather is milder, allowing you to open windows for proper aeration without significantly increasing your energy bills. The mild temperatures also won’t delay the drying process like the summer heat might. Since the drying process can take time, fall is ideal for refinishing your hardwood floors since children go back to school and won’t be in the way of the process. Refinishing in fall also prepares your floors for the upcoming holidays and will also help protect your floors from pests when spring rolls around again.

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