Flooring Services in Tega Cay, SC

Does your Tega Cay home’s flooring need an upgrade? Belmont Flooring Center has what you need. As a local flooring company serving the greater Tega Cay region, we want to work with you to make your floors look their best. From our beautiful hardwoods and other flooring options, you can find a perfect fit for your style and budget, and our service, repair and maintenance services will ensure your newly installed floors look great for many years.

Hardwood Flooring Installation, Repair and Maintained in Tega Cay
Does your home have hardwoods that need restoration, or are you dreaming about elegant hardwoods to replace your worn carpeting? Hardwood flooring services in Tega Cay from Belmont Flooring Center can assist you with both of these. Our team specializes in hardwood flooring and can help you make your dreams of gleaming hardwoods a reality.

If you already have an existing hardwood floor, the Belmont Flooring Center team can come to your home and help you upgrade and renovate those floors so that they look like new again. Even if you have extensive damage, our hardwood flooring experts can repair it and get those floors looking great. We will sand, repair and refinish those floors for a clean, fresh look, at a fraction of the cost of installing something new.

For homeowners in Tega Cay who don’t have hardwood, but want it, we can assist with our flooring installation services. We have a large showroom of beautiful hardwood floors for you to consider, with everything from classic and traditional to the exotic options that are in high demand. Once you’ve chosen your perfect flooring, we’ll install it expertly.

Once we have installed or repaired your hardwoods, our team will help you learn how to properly care for it, with both education and maintenance services. This will help you get a long life out of your floors.

Additional Tega Cay Flooring Options
While our team specializes in hardwoods, we have other flooring types to meet the needs of Tega Cay homeowners. From tile to carpeting and even laminate, we can install beautiful floors to make your home shine. Contact Belmont Flooring Center today to schedule a consultation to discuss your Tega Cay flooring needs with our flooring experts.

Rock Hill Hardwood Flooring Experts

When it comes to beautiful flooring, Rock Hill, NC homeowners know they can trust Belmont Flooring Company for help. Our professional flooring team knows flooring well, especially hardwood flooring, and we are conveniently located to serve homeowners and business owners in Rock Hill. If you need beautiful new hardwoods, you need to give Belmont Flooring Company a call.

Installing Beautiful Hardwood Floors in Rock Hill
Belmont Flooring Company is your Rock Hill hardwood flooring experts. We understand hardwoods well, and will take the time to get to know your needs and lifestyle, so we can recommend a flooring option that is appropriate for you. We will then install it professionally, giving you beautiful hardwoods that are designed to last.

Our showroom includes a large selection of hardwoods, including domestic and exotic options, so you are certain to find exactly what you want. We also carry carpeting, tile and laminate flooring options. If you’re not sure what wood would be best for your home, we will help you narrow down your options to the perfect selection.

Hardwood Flooring Repair and Service in Rock Hill
In addition to installing new hardwoods for your home or office, the team at Belmont Flooring Center has a comprehensive list of services for existing hardwoods. If your floors are starting to look a little drab, our team will restore them to their original beauty. You will be amazed at how much wear and tear we can remove as we restore your flooring.

If you have an area of your flooring that has been damaged through water damage or scratches, our team can help. We repair hardwood flooring so that the signs of damage are no longer an eyesore in your home.

Finally, once you’re flooring has been installed or repaired, our hardwood flooring professionals will help you maintain it. We offer cleaning and maintenance advice that will help ensure the longevity of your floors.

Are you ready to get started on transforming your Rock Hill space with new, beautiful floors? Give Belmont Flooring Center a call to discuss your needs, or plan a time to stop in our showroom and see our beautiful floors for yourself!

Hardwood Flooring Services in Ballantyne, NC

Does your Ballantyne, NC home or business need new flooring? Belmont Flooring Center is here to assist with comprehensive hardwood flooring services to property owners throughout Ballantyne. We have a reputation for quality products and superior craftsmanship, and re ready to provide you with a comprehensive list of hardwood flooring services in Ballantyne, NC.

Exceptional Flooring to Make Your Ballantyne Home Shine
At Belmont Flooring Center, we understand that a beautiful floor starts with the right product. We stock a long list of hardwood flooring from names you know and trust, and we are confident that you will be able to find something that fits your needs and your budget well. Whether you are in the market for an exotic teak or bamboo floor or want something a bit more traditional, like oak or cedar, one stop in our showroom will allow you to find exactly what you need.

Ballantyne Hardwood Professionals for Accurate Installation
Once you have chosen your desired flooring, the next step is having it installed. Proper installation will ensure the longevity and beauty of your new floors. At Belmont Flooring Center, our team is highly trained and uses the latest technology and tools to install your flooring well. Our installation includes all molding and other finishes necessary to make your floors look perfect. You are investing in your new floors, so protect that investment by partnering with professionals for your installation.

Ongoing Care with Professional Hardwood Flooring Services in Ballantyne, NC
In addition to hardwood flooring installation, Belmont Flooring Center offers a comprehensive list of hardwood flooring services in Ballantyne, NC. We can help refinish old and worn floors, seal existing floors or repair damaged floors. If your floors need a little TLC or you want more information about maintaining your newly installed floors, Belmont Flooring Center has the expertise you want.

No matter what your hardwood flooring needs in your Ballantyne home or business may be, the team at Belmont Flooring Center is ready to provide service for you. Make plans to visit our showroom, or give us a call for a quote for your project. Let us make your hardwood flooring dreams a reality!

Flooring Products and Services in Fort Mill, SC

Is your Fort Mill home in need of an upgrade? New hardwood floors could be just what you need to create a beautiful and timeless look in your home. Belmont Flooring Center proudly offers hardwood flooring installation and services to homeowners and businesses throughout Fort Mill, giving your property new life through the addition of beautiful and timeliness hardwood floors.

flooring-4Install New Hardwood Floors in Fort Mill
Belmont Flooring Center offers the services of one of the area’s top hardwood flooring installation companies. We carry the industry’s best and most trusted names in hardwood products, including Shaw, Bruce, Beaulieu of American Somerset and Kraus. With everything from exotic woods to classic designs, we have a flooring product that will match your budget and your tastes. Visit our showroom or browse our products online to select the right flooring for your needs.

Once you have chosen a product, our team will get to work installing it quickly and professionally. Our installation includes all moldings, borders and other features you need for a beautiful finished look. In just a few short days, you can have gleaming hardwoods that will stand as a testament to your class and style.

flooring-7Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Services in Fort Mill, SC
If your home already has hardwoods, you may not need installation services. Instead, our team can provide maintenance to get those hardwoods back to top condition. From refinishing and polishing the wood to teaching you about proper hardwood maintenance and damage prevention, the Belmont Flooring Center team will ensure that your hardwoods give you a long and beautiful life. Give us a call today to assess the needs of your existing hardwoods.

No matter what your hardwood needs may be, you can trust the Belmont Flooring Center team to handle them well. We know hardwoods inside and out, and are ready to bring our expertise to your home. Give us a call today, or schedule a time to come to our flooring center to see the hardwoods we have in stock for yourself. Let our design and installation teams create the look you crave, so your home can benefit from the timelessness and beauty of hardwood floors.

Hardwood Flooring Services in Cramer Mountain

Hardwood floors provide your home with a classic look that can last for ages. Durable, beautiful and modern, hardwood is the ideal choice for homes in Cramer Mountain because of its classic elegance.

Are you looking to have hardwood flooring installed in your Cramer Mountain home? Belmont Flooring Center is conveniently located in nearby Belmont, happily serving families and businesses in Cramer Mountain. With the help our Cramer Mountain flooring company, you can embrace the look and feel of classic hardwoods in your home with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your floors were installed by true hardwood flooring professionals. Once installed, we will help you maintain and repair your floors, so they can last a lifetime.

Services for Hardwood Floors in Cramer Mountain
Whether you are shopping for new hardwood floors or need help maintaining the ones you have, Belmont Flooring Center has the hardwood services you need. Our Cramer Mountain hardwood flooring experts can take worn, dated floors and refinish, allowing your home to shine again. We can even repair any damage that has occurred, giving you back your beautiful floors.

In addition, our team of hardwood flooring experts offers maintenance services for hardwood floors in Cramer Mountain. If you want to know what steps to take to keep your hardwoods looking beautiful for a lifetime, we can provide the maintenance services you need.

Finally, the Belmont Flooring Center team provides expert, professional installation of your hardwood floors. If you are looking to replace your carpeting, laminate or tile with hardwood to give your home a timeless, classic look, contact us to discuss installation service.

Choose Your New Hardwood Floors Today
Belmont Flooring Center would like to invite you to visit our hardwood flooring showroom, so you can see the various options for hardwood floors for your Cramer Mountain home. Whether you are looking for something traditional, like cherry wood, or something exotic, like bamboo, you will find it with us. We stock hardwood flooring of all varieties, so you can make your home the inviting, modern and attractive place you want. Contact Belmont Flooring Center, your Cramer Mountain hardwood flooring company, today, or take the time to stop by our showroom to discuss your design ideas.

Top Things to Consider When Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Are you ready to invest in hardwood flooring? Belmont Flooring Center is happy to help, but before you jump in, make sure you have done your due diligence to find the right flooring type for your home or business. Here are some considerations you should make when choosing your hardwood floors.

1. Solid Versus Engineered
First, before investing in hardwoods, decide if solid hardwoods or engineered hardwoods are right for your needs. Solid hardwoods are made from solid wood logs cut to the desired length and fitted together with tongue-and-groove fittings. Engineered hardwoods are made from layers of plywood and composite topped with a solid hardwood layer. Both are beautiful, but solid hardwoods should not be installed in areas where moisture is a problem, like the bathroom or basement, because they can warp.

2. Wood Species
The wood species you choose will give the wood floor its look. It can also determine how durable the floor is. Some woods, like hickory and maple, are quite durable because they are hard, while others, like walnut, are fairly soft. If durability is important to you, consider hard woods, like hickory, maple, Brazilian cherry, cumaru or Brazilian koa.

3. Finishing
Hardwood floors can be finished at the factory (prefinished) or finished on the site. Prefinished floors give you the benefit of knowing what the color will be exactly before you start installing. Site-finishing allows for more customization and a smoother final product.

When considering the finishing, don’t forget to consider the type of finish placed on the wood. Penetrating oils or polyurethane are the two most common. Oil gives the floor a natural, soft look, but is not quite as durable as polyurethane. Polyurethane provides the wood with a hard topcoat that doesn’t look as natural, but is quite a bit more durable.

4. Grain Pattern
The grain pattern comes form the way in which the log was sawn. Take a look at different grain patterns to see what you like. In this particular category, the choice will really depend on what your tastes and decorating style demands

Do you have further questions about making the right decisions for your hardwood flooring project? The team at Belmont Flooring Center is here to help. Give us a call today to discuss your goals.

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget the Floors!

Spring is coming to the Belmont area, and with it comes thoughts of spring cleaning, decluttering and getting the house ready after a long winter. As you prepare to do some spring cleaning, don’t forget to put your hardwood floors on your list! This is an excellent time to give those floors a little TLC, and Belmont Flooring Center is ready to help.

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Hardwoods
To keep hardwoods looking their best, you need to choose the right cleaning products. Start by dust mopping the floors to remove surface dirt and dust. Then, consider whether your floors are surface sealed or not. If they are, damp mop them with a hardwood floor cleaning solution, and you are done. If they are not sealed, you must be careful about water. Instead, dust or vacuum the floors, remove the wax with a hardwood wax stripper, add new wax and buff the floors until they shine. No matter which cleaning method you use, never use abrasive chemicals or acidic products, like vinegar, on hardwoods.

Comprehensive Hardwood Flooring Maintenance and Repair Services
If after you have done your best to clean your floors, you find that they are still looking a little dingy, consider calling Belmont Flooring Center. We offer a comprehensive list of hardwood flooring services, including maintenance, refinishing and repairs. Our team can get your floors in pristine condition, so that they shine as you welcome friends and family over throughout the spring and summer.

Our team uses reliable, proven floor cleaning and refinishing products carefully matched to your floor type. We ensure that your floor is properly finished, so water is not a risk. If your floors need refinishing, we will sand them down to remove imperfections, then clean them and apply several layers of our polyurethane. Buffing between these layers will keep the floor beautiful and shiny.

Your hardwoods take a beating, especially during the winter. Proper care of those floors will ensure that they last a lifetime. As you plan to spring clean, trust Belmont Flooring Center to help you clean your floors along with the rest of your home.

Top Reasons to Take Care of Your Floors in the New Year

The floors in our homes have a tough job. They get put through a lot, every single day.

We track mud on them, the pets slobber all over them, the kids drop toys on them, party guests spill food on them, and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect to give their flooring the credit and attention that it deserves. We tend to focus more on home accessories, furniture and paint colors rather than acknowledge the fact that our floors are stained, scratched or damaged.

With the new year comes resolutions, so now it

Flooring Services in Bessemer City, NC

If your Bessemer City home or business is in need of new floors, Belmont Flooring Center has your needs covered. As a local flooring company, we offer the benefit of working with flooring professionals who have a vested interest in the local community. Our team will help you choose, install and maintain the ideal flooring for your space. With beautiful hardwoods and other flooring options, we will ensure that your space looks its best.

Hardwood Flooring Services from a Bessemer City Flooring Company
Can you imagine your space with glowing, properly finished hardwood flooring? Hardwood flooring is a timeless option that offers longevity and classic beauty, making it a popular choice for a variety of applications. At Belmont Flooring Center, we specialize in hardwood flooring services for families and businesses in Bessemer City. From our location in nearby Belmont, we are readily able to provide for your needs.

For those who need a new floor, Belmont Flooring Center has an extensive list of beautiful hardwood floors for your consideration. From traditional domestic woods, like White Oak and Cherry, to exotic options, like Brazilian Cherry or Bamboo, we are certain to have a flooring option that matches your taste and budget. Once you choose the flooring you like, our team will get to work expertly installing it for a finished product that is not only durable, but also beautiful.

One of the benefits of hardwood flooring is the longevity of this flooring option. Floors that are starting to look old and worn can be sanded and refinished for a new, clean and fresh look. If you already have hardwoods, our team is prepared to help you take care of them well. Our refinishing and maintenance services can breathe new life into old and worn hardwood flooring. We will also help you learn proper maintenance to avoid problems in the future.

Additional Flooring Options from Belmont Flooring Center
While our specialty is hardwood flooring, Belmont Flooring Center is a one-stop flooring shop. We offer laminate, carpeting and tile services as well. No matter what your chosen flooring option is, we will help you install and maintain it with our professional flooring service. Contact Belmont Flooring Center today for help with your Bessemer City, North Carolina floors.